Friday, January 18, 2008

My friends!

They say that when you live with someone, you get to know ALL of them. The good, the bad, the ugly...well...for the past four months, i've lived with 3 wonderful ladies. There has been bad times, there have been ugly times, but most importantly, there have been good times. Like most relationships, we have been through some rough patches, and i'm sure that there will be more to come. But even through those moments, I knew that the girls i was living with, were girls with values and a love for G-d. So now we've been living together for about 5 months and we're a little past the halfway point, and i think i can honestly say, that i'm quite happy being here with them. They are all unique in their own ways. So here's a blog dedicated to the 3 wonderful ladies that i live with:

Mai - She's our veteran. She was here since last year and sort of has a history with the Island. She loves teaching and...she's.... CANADIAN! (and very proud of it!) My favorite thing about Mai is when she laughs from the inside or at herself. She just looks like a little girl again, and i can't help but smile or join in the laughter.

Jessica - She's the one i've known the longest since we met in Hawaii. She's really cool and is just so random at lots of things. She can always say something silly or well random to make you laugh. She's from Loma Linda and despite contrary belief (or what she may say lol) she really does love her ESL students...and they love her just the same! My favorite thing about Jess, is when she says something random, especially if its during a patch of silence.

Judith - She's the baby of the group (took my place lol) but she definately doesn't act it. She runs those high schoolers like a little army. She's loved by her students very much and is doing a great job. She's from Boise, Idaho and attending Walla Walla College. My favorite thing about Judith is how passionate she can get about something.

There you have it, the girls i live with! Like most families, we have had our ups and downs, but in the end, they each have a special part in my heart and always will. I thank G-d for them daily and know that we were each hand picked to be here and live together for some reason that only the good Lord knows. I ask you to pray for us, in our daily lives, and for our little home! Its not easy, but always possible when the Lord is guiding.

L-R: Me, Judtih, Mai, & Jessica eating banana pancakes

Love you girls!