Monday, February 25, 2008

Where's Vero?

So what have i been up to since my last post in January? Well lots, hence my lack of posting lol. I'm very sorry about it, but i will be posting a couple of blogs in the upcoming days about my highlights of the month. I am doing well. My kids are doing great, and best of all, they are ALL READING! i'm so happy that they are. Yesterday, my last little boy that wasn't reading, read an entire story for the first time. This is the same little boy that walked into my class barely knowing how to hold a pencil, let alone write his name! Its amazing how fast time passes, but even more amazing how great G-d is in giving me the abilities to actually teach this child. He's come a long ways, and i can't help but thank G-d for that wonderful miracle. I know that it was only through Him that i was able to help my student reach this far. I leave you with a picture of our fieldtrip to the Saipan Botanical Gardens. I hope to blog more in these upcoming months! Thanks for staying in touch