Sunday, August 26, 2007

Long awaited pics from Saipan

I've been in Saipan for about 3 weeks now, and i know i haven't been able to put up some new pics of us here. But i finally was able to upload some. They are very self explanatory, but i will include some captions. Hope you enjoy!

This is part of my Saipan family. There are some missing but these were the ones that greeted us at the airport. I have grown to love them and they each have a VERY special place in my heart. Isn't the sign beautiful? it was made by some of the students.

This is Bonzaii Cliff. It is ABSOLUTELY BREATHTAKING as you can see. We went there on our first sabbath on island, to see the sunrise. It showed us again just how creative our G-d truly is.

Here i am with Bonzaii Behind me. It's a bit blurry/dark because it was dawn and the light isn't the best.... but its still beautiful!!!

Later on in the day we were treated to a very yummy potluck. As you can see in our eyes, we are quite excited about the yummy food! Thank you church family! You are in my hearts already!
Finally, after all the errands on Friday and all the excitement of Sabbath, theres nothing better than to just lay down and relax on one of our BEAUTIFUL beaches! This is Micro beach and it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I love it there and its just relaxing to lay out after some time in the water. The island in the background is basically is like a "deserted" island. No one lives there, but locals and especially tourist visit often. The boat ride over is free for locals, so its a cheap and awesome way to spend your weekends. Plus you can even go over and camp there. The SDA school does this every year and from what i hear, its very much looked forward to by all the students!

Well i part you now with these pictures. I should be posting again...maybe when i get home because i've had sooo many thoughts running through my head that i've been wanting to post, but i got some pressure from someone *cough*my mom*cough* saying that i needed more here ya go mom! LOVE U!!!

Thank you to all who take time out to read and follow up on me. Thank you for doing that and especially for all your prayers and e-mails. Believe it or not, the prayers are definately felt. I didn't know that actually happened, until i started feeling it. And your e-mails, they truly make the difference. I love you all and KP4M(keep praying for me)....G-d's island girl!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Here's to our wonderful sponsors

So Southern has been a wonderful part of my life and i'm so glad i went there. I cannot even begin to imagine my life anywhere else. However, during my time at Southern, i realized that what made it so special was the faculty, staff, and students. While in Hawaii, i basically met and got to know our chaplain and new SM coordinator. They were the greatest and this is just my way of saying thank you to them. See when we arrived in Hawaii, we were basically all walking around practically lost. Actually we were all just trying to keep up with Nicole who must've felt like she was in a marathon lol (love ya nicole). Well it got worse when we arrived at the baggage many people and we still felt lost. But it felt sooo great to see a face that i knew...sure enough it was Pr. Brennon and Gayle...with LEI'S. From then on, i didn't feel alone, i had someone there who was watching out for me. Like when some of us were worried about having to buy extra stuff, they were at our rescue and took us to the ginormous walmart. Then they spoiled us and took us to the beach, and to eat some yummy food (as i mentioned before). On top of all that wondeful stuff, they also gave us some goody bags. But probably the best thing they gave us that weekend, was their friendship, trust and prayerful watch. Thank you Pr. Brennon and Gayle. You both were amazing. I know my experience wouldn't have been as great as it was, if you weren't both there. You truly both made it the best ever. I'm sure i speak for everyone when i say THANK YOU!!! btw, i'm sorry about the pics...they were the only ones i could get. =)

Pr. Brennon

Gayle Moore

LOVE U BOTH!!! May G-d continue blessing you both in your ministry...and may that ministry continue to be at Southern!!! lol =)

Friday, August 10, 2007

Loneliness explained!

So the many SM's that spoke to me all said the same thing: you will get lonely. Honestly, i can't say that i'm lonely because i have such a great support family here. I love them all to death and i've only been here a week =) but i can understand a sense of loneliness that they can feel. Personally the Saipan girl isn't lonely, but the Miami/Tennessee girl is. Reason: i dont have my sidekicks with me. I have 4 special people in my life that i am blessed to call my best friends. Without my life honestly wouldn't be the same. And so now, i don't have them daily, and well my life isn't the same...its not bad, just not the same. Everytime someone here has a "moment" with someone else that they've known, i get lonely...because i don't have my friends and our moments. So here's a blog dedicated to my four special Angels!!! I love u and miss you more than you will ever imagine. So here they are in alphabetical order since i couldn't pick which one is more special.

First theres Arlenys. We met in 6th grade and were kinda rocky at the beginning. But after some time of hanging out, we both realized that we just clicked. She's been there for me through a lot. We've also had some crazy times. We tend to be crazy chica's and when we're together...u better watch out. I spent a wonderful weekend at her house and it just felt like home. She's my confidant at all times. We have our "counseling sessions" that we truly need to survive lol. I'm just so comfortable with her that i know that i can tell her anything and it'll be ok. She's a very giving person and cares so much for all. I love you girl and thank you cuz u make my life that much better.

Then there's Cristina. She's my partner in crime. We met each other at summer camp like 6 years ago i think. We hit it off from the start. However it wasn't until the summer before Southern that we got really close and since then we've been practically inseparable. They've asked us soooo many times if we're sisters. And we just laugh it off and say "NO" lol. I believe you have different types of friends but in her, we're more than just friends. We not only have basically seen each other everyday for the past 2 years, but also roomed together. You definately get to know a person when you room together and honestly, i got to know her better and i'm happy i did.

I love you girl soo much. I miss you and our fun, crazy, goofy, etc times together. This is definately a "moco" moment lol.

There's always that childhood friend that you grow up with, are inseparable forever, then your life takes different paths, but you still know that deep down inside, you're just as good of friends as before. Thats the friendship that Joannis and i share. We've known each other since before birth (yes its possible, sleep-over story lol). When we were little we were attached at the hip...literally lol. A family member of hers even confused me for her lol. And yet unfortunately the lives we lived took us to separate places. Our paths did not continue together, and yet at any time we could catch up right where we left off. I know she's there for me at all times: good, bad, and the ugly.

I love u so much and I'm so glad we're friends. I'm happy for you and i hope your life continues going so well.

Finally theres the one person that is unexplainable to most. He's not ur average person. He's different and yet thats what makes him such a great person and friend. I'm talking about Ramses. He's probably one of the sweetest persons i've ever met. We've always been close. I remember the first time...well technically it was the second time we met, but first time talking and we talked for about 2-3 hours. We just started talking and somehow we just clicked. There's things he's done for me that he doesn't even realize how important and special it was for me. He's gone far and beyond the duty of a friend. In the past 2 years we've gotten even closer. He's my movie partner lol (we probably saw ALL the movies this summer). He's just an amazing person and especially friend. He truly adds so much to my life.

Thank you Ramses for being the wonderful person that you are. My life is *speechless*. There are no words to describe the difference you make in my life. I love you so much and well this blondie here misses u a lot too. =)

P.S. btw, i don't have any pics with Ramses because he hates them. u have to catch him off guard like up here lol =)

There you have angels on earth. See a relationship between family members is priceless and not something that can be labeled. But when you have such wonderful relationships with people that have basically become your family, you can call yourself blessed.

Each one of these people has contributed so much to who i am today. They are all so valuable to me and without them i wouldn't be able to survive. I'm having a hard time doing so temporarily, so i can only imagine permanantly. Thank you God for giving me these friends. I am truly blessed to have them in my life.

I miss each and everyone of you sooo much. I can't wait to see you all again. But keep your heads high. I'm still here for you if you ever need. You all make my life complete!


Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Pics from Hawaii

So as promised, here are some pics. Finally got a good internet connection. These are from my trip to Hawaii for the SM (Student Missionary) Orientation.This is me and my friend Tania (Palau). We had just gotten to the airport and were just getting on the bus. We were greeted by all of our principals and people from the GMM (Guam-Micronesia Mission). We got our lovely leis from our WONDERFUL sponsors (Who has the best sponsors? SOUTHERN!!! lol inside joke) And I also have a shell lei from my WONDERFUL principal, Barbara Maycock!!! It was a very nice welcome for sure.

This was some of the group (L-R: Me, Rochelle, Tania) at Nuuanu Pali....very beautiful place!!!

This was us (L-R:Tania, Me, Ashlee, Lany, Tanya) at the top of the Nuuanu Pali. It was very windy as you can obviously see lol

This was me with the beautiful and breathtaking background...i could've stayed there all day. It was really nice to see the difference of like mountain aread with LOTS of houses and then the beautiful beach...quite interesting!!!

This was the wonderul group from Southern, with our AMAZING sponsors. Yay Southern!!!

So our undescribable sponsors took us to eat at this yummy place called California Pizza Kitchen...(so delicious btw) well they were wonderful and also gave us these neat goody bags...hawaii style lol. Thank you Pr. Brannon and Gayle!!! Love u both and i know it wouldn't of been so wonderful without the two of you!!!

Well so there are the pics from Hawaii...I'm going to post some of Saipan in a bit...trying to finish up my classroom before classes start on Monday...AHH!!! (lol) My classroom is coming along and lesson planning is well...going pretty good. I love it!!! Thanks for reading!!!

KP4M!!! (Keep Praying 4 Me) =)

Love you all!!!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

First Island Sabbath

Today started for me at 4:00 a.m. We woke up and went to Banzai Cliff to see the sunrise. It was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! The ocean was a color blue that i had honestly never seen before in my life. I promise to post some pics probably tomorrow, just away from my camera right now. =) But afterwards, we came back to our SM Pad and had some breakfast. We then got ready and went to church. It was a really cute church and with very warm members. I was a little nervouse because the night before, the pastors wife had asked me to tell a little about my mission story for mission hour. The good thing is that when i walked in, it was a small church and just very comforting. Then after sabbath school, i was on my way to my class when i was approached by the pastors wife. She asked me if i could lead out in the earliteens and juniors class for the lesson since the teacher was late. I accepted and on my way to the class all i could think about was "Wow...first sabbath and i'm already working". However, it felt good and i didn't mean any of it in a bad way, i was just surprised. After the wonderful service by the choir, we had a delicious potluck. There was sooo much food. It was really yummy. So my sabbath was going pretty normal...Church, lunch...and i can't forget...SABBATH NAP!!! Oh it was just WONDERFUL. It was raining outside so the sound was just so great! I later woke up after what i would say was the best sleep i've had here so far, and we got ready to go to Rosana's going away party. We had a great time playing some games and just getting to know the church family better. Now i'm back here in my bed just before sleep time.

Today was a very significant day in my missionary life. I, had been having some down days. There was just SO much new EVERYTHING and all at the same time. But going to church today made me feel comfortable because it was the first known thing i had encountered....G-d and a loving church family. It was very comforting and just put me back into perspective. I'm happy to be here in Saipan and i may not ever know why i'm supposed to be here, but G-d sure does and well i trust Him.

Please continue to keep me in your prayers!!!

Friday, August 3, 2007

First Day in Saipan

Well we spent the past couple of days in Hawaii getting trained for our mission posts. Finally, last night, after a VERY long trip that felt like forever, i arrived in Saipan. Our plane ride from Guam to Saipan...the entire 15 minutes of it (lol) was a litte scary. There was a lot of turbulance and the plane seemed to shake uncontrolably. So i whipped out my old time sabbath school songs and started singing to myself lol. Well when we arrived in Saipan, we were greeted by a whole group of WONDERFUL people from the church and staff. They had made us some lei's and a big, beautiful, and very colorful sign that read: WELCOME SDA TEACHERS!!! I was so excited and yet overwhelmed. After taking a lot of group pictures, we finally reached what we would call home for the next year. They made some food for us and it was just very warm. I was so happy to finally be here. At the same time though, i was quite overwhelmed. This dream that i had been planning for sooo long had finally come true. It was quite exciting. After everyone left, we prepared our beds and went straight to sleep. This morning we had an early start. We first went to the school. I walked in and was greeted by some more warm faces. Then they brought me into a room and said, "This is your room." It was quite overwhelming to see that. But it was a good overwhelming. I was SO HAPPY!!! In my mind i was already positioning everything. Then, while at the school, i was introduced to a new boy for my class. His name is Brandon. As of right now i have 7 students: 3 boys and 4 girls. I'm supposed to get more, but even if i don't, i'm happy just as it is. Well after that we just had a continuation of a long day full of chores. I got my official CNMI drivers license, got a physical so that i can teach, and some other stuff. Now i'm just writing before i go to my principals house for dinner and worship. BTW she and her husband are just the greatest. I'm so happy because they are just wonderful people and it just makes me know that we will have a great year.
There are a lot of emotions going on in my head right now. I'm still trying to absorb it all in. Its quite a lot to take in and on top of that, i'm still trying to get used to my jet lag lol. Well keep me in your prayers. I need them very much. Love u all and miss u like crazy!!!