Saturday, August 4, 2007

First Island Sabbath

Today started for me at 4:00 a.m. We woke up and went to Banzai Cliff to see the sunrise. It was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! The ocean was a color blue that i had honestly never seen before in my life. I promise to post some pics probably tomorrow, just away from my camera right now. =) But afterwards, we came back to our SM Pad and had some breakfast. We then got ready and went to church. It was a really cute church and with very warm members. I was a little nervouse because the night before, the pastors wife had asked me to tell a little about my mission story for mission hour. The good thing is that when i walked in, it was a small church and just very comforting. Then after sabbath school, i was on my way to my class when i was approached by the pastors wife. She asked me if i could lead out in the earliteens and juniors class for the lesson since the teacher was late. I accepted and on my way to the class all i could think about was "Wow...first sabbath and i'm already working". However, it felt good and i didn't mean any of it in a bad way, i was just surprised. After the wonderful service by the choir, we had a delicious potluck. There was sooo much food. It was really yummy. So my sabbath was going pretty normal...Church, lunch...and i can't forget...SABBATH NAP!!! Oh it was just WONDERFUL. It was raining outside so the sound was just so great! I later woke up after what i would say was the best sleep i've had here so far, and we got ready to go to Rosana's going away party. We had a great time playing some games and just getting to know the church family better. Now i'm back here in my bed just before sleep time.

Today was a very significant day in my missionary life. I, had been having some down days. There was just SO much new EVERYTHING and all at the same time. But going to church today made me feel comfortable because it was the first known thing i had encountered....G-d and a loving church family. It was very comforting and just put me back into perspective. I'm happy to be here in Saipan and i may not ever know why i'm supposed to be here, but G-d sure does and well i trust Him.

Please continue to keep me in your prayers!!!


Anonymous said...

Welcome Again Vero!! You are gonna love our Island

Bev said...

Welcome to Saipan Vero!

Brit'sBlog said...

Welcome to Saipan!!! You will learn how to love like you've never loved before :)

I'm praying for ya.If you ever need anything this my blog, you have my cell, and feel free to write anyime :)

Have fun and relax! Your in God's paradise :) let Him do everything

Brit'sBlog said...

oh yea...I used to go to Bonzai every sabbath with Layla (ESL teacher last year) to see the sunrise. It was a nice, quiet place to listen to God speak :)

Mai said...

I'm glad you're here,Veronyka! You're gonna love it!

Tia Sandra said...

I just read your e-mail and I am so proud of you. We miss you bunches but I know you are doing what God has blessed you to do. Hope all goes with registration. Bailey says hi and she loves you very much. You are in our thoughts and prayers. We love you bunches!!
God bless

Tia Roxy said...

My sweet baby girl as I read about your first few days of your destined journey my eyes swelled up with tears of joy and my heart with the PRIDE of someone who loves you more than you'll ever know. I am soooo extremely proud of you,of how you have followed the Masters plan with such strength! I pray to God every day that he keeps you close to him so that you may serve him well. Your faith in the Lord has overwhelmed and humbled me! I LOVE you endlessly. Remember what I wrote on the napkin just before you left... The choices you make and the chances you take, determine your DESTINY !! May the Lord Bless and keep you safe by his side!! You have made your family proud, but most important you have made your Heavenly Father PROUDER !!!! You go Island Girl !!!!!

Sean said...

Welcome to the team, Vero!

Glad to have you aboard!