Friday, August 3, 2007

First Day in Saipan

Well we spent the past couple of days in Hawaii getting trained for our mission posts. Finally, last night, after a VERY long trip that felt like forever, i arrived in Saipan. Our plane ride from Guam to Saipan...the entire 15 minutes of it (lol) was a litte scary. There was a lot of turbulance and the plane seemed to shake uncontrolably. So i whipped out my old time sabbath school songs and started singing to myself lol. Well when we arrived in Saipan, we were greeted by a whole group of WONDERFUL people from the church and staff. They had made us some lei's and a big, beautiful, and very colorful sign that read: WELCOME SDA TEACHERS!!! I was so excited and yet overwhelmed. After taking a lot of group pictures, we finally reached what we would call home for the next year. They made some food for us and it was just very warm. I was so happy to finally be here. At the same time though, i was quite overwhelmed. This dream that i had been planning for sooo long had finally come true. It was quite exciting. After everyone left, we prepared our beds and went straight to sleep. This morning we had an early start. We first went to the school. I walked in and was greeted by some more warm faces. Then they brought me into a room and said, "This is your room." It was quite overwhelming to see that. But it was a good overwhelming. I was SO HAPPY!!! In my mind i was already positioning everything. Then, while at the school, i was introduced to a new boy for my class. His name is Brandon. As of right now i have 7 students: 3 boys and 4 girls. I'm supposed to get more, but even if i don't, i'm happy just as it is. Well after that we just had a continuation of a long day full of chores. I got my official CNMI drivers license, got a physical so that i can teach, and some other stuff. Now i'm just writing before i go to my principals house for dinner and worship. BTW she and her husband are just the greatest. I'm so happy because they are just wonderful people and it just makes me know that we will have a great year.
There are a lot of emotions going on in my head right now. I'm still trying to absorb it all in. Its quite a lot to take in and on top of that, i'm still trying to get used to my jet lag lol. Well keep me in your prayers. I need them very much. Love u all and miss u like crazy!!!


Arlenys said...

Hey Vero, I'm so glad you wrote to me and I'm so happy for you because I know you've wanted this for such a long time. I hope you can continue working with the same spririt that makes you the person you are. God will continue to bless you. Love you!

Arlenys said...

BTW, tell me all about Hawaii!