Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Pics from Hawaii

So as promised, here are some pics. Finally got a good internet connection. These are from my trip to Hawaii for the SM (Student Missionary) Orientation.This is me and my friend Tania (Palau). We had just gotten to the airport and were just getting on the bus. We were greeted by all of our principals and people from the GMM (Guam-Micronesia Mission). We got our lovely leis from our WONDERFUL sponsors (Who has the best sponsors? SOUTHERN!!! lol inside joke) And I also have a shell lei from my WONDERFUL principal, Barbara Maycock!!! It was a very nice welcome for sure.

This was some of the group (L-R: Me, Rochelle, Tania) at Nuuanu Pali....very beautiful place!!!

This was us (L-R:Tania, Me, Ashlee, Lany, Tanya) at the top of the Nuuanu Pali. It was very windy as you can obviously see lol

This was me with the beautiful and breathtaking background...i could've stayed there all day. It was really nice to see the difference of like mountain aread with LOTS of houses and then the beautiful beach...quite interesting!!!

This was the wonderul group from Southern, with our AMAZING sponsors. Yay Southern!!!

So our undescribable sponsors took us to eat at this yummy place called California Pizza Kitchen...(so delicious btw) well they were wonderful and also gave us these neat goody bags...hawaii style lol. Thank you Pr. Brannon and Gayle!!! Love u both and i know it wouldn't of been so wonderful without the two of you!!!

Well so there are the pics from Hawaii...I'm going to post some of Saipan in a bit...trying to finish up my classroom before classes start on Monday...AHH!!! (lol) My classroom is coming along and lesson planning is well...going pretty good. I love it!!! Thanks for reading!!!

KP4M!!! (Keep Praying 4 Me) =)

Love you all!!!

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Anonymous said...

hey tata i miss you so much. you are my hero because i could never do what you are doing now. i will pray for you every night. miss you so much : { (this is how my face looks when i think of you.)