Friday, August 10, 2007

Loneliness explained!

So the many SM's that spoke to me all said the same thing: you will get lonely. Honestly, i can't say that i'm lonely because i have such a great support family here. I love them all to death and i've only been here a week =) but i can understand a sense of loneliness that they can feel. Personally the Saipan girl isn't lonely, but the Miami/Tennessee girl is. Reason: i dont have my sidekicks with me. I have 4 special people in my life that i am blessed to call my best friends. Without my life honestly wouldn't be the same. And so now, i don't have them daily, and well my life isn't the same...its not bad, just not the same. Everytime someone here has a "moment" with someone else that they've known, i get lonely...because i don't have my friends and our moments. So here's a blog dedicated to my four special Angels!!! I love u and miss you more than you will ever imagine. So here they are in alphabetical order since i couldn't pick which one is more special.

First theres Arlenys. We met in 6th grade and were kinda rocky at the beginning. But after some time of hanging out, we both realized that we just clicked. She's been there for me through a lot. We've also had some crazy times. We tend to be crazy chica's and when we're together...u better watch out. I spent a wonderful weekend at her house and it just felt like home. She's my confidant at all times. We have our "counseling sessions" that we truly need to survive lol. I'm just so comfortable with her that i know that i can tell her anything and it'll be ok. She's a very giving person and cares so much for all. I love you girl and thank you cuz u make my life that much better.

Then there's Cristina. She's my partner in crime. We met each other at summer camp like 6 years ago i think. We hit it off from the start. However it wasn't until the summer before Southern that we got really close and since then we've been practically inseparable. They've asked us soooo many times if we're sisters. And we just laugh it off and say "NO" lol. I believe you have different types of friends but in her, we're more than just friends. We not only have basically seen each other everyday for the past 2 years, but also roomed together. You definately get to know a person when you room together and honestly, i got to know her better and i'm happy i did.

I love you girl soo much. I miss you and our fun, crazy, goofy, etc times together. This is definately a "moco" moment lol.

There's always that childhood friend that you grow up with, are inseparable forever, then your life takes different paths, but you still know that deep down inside, you're just as good of friends as before. Thats the friendship that Joannis and i share. We've known each other since before birth (yes its possible, sleep-over story lol). When we were little we were attached at the hip...literally lol. A family member of hers even confused me for her lol. And yet unfortunately the lives we lived took us to separate places. Our paths did not continue together, and yet at any time we could catch up right where we left off. I know she's there for me at all times: good, bad, and the ugly.

I love u so much and I'm so glad we're friends. I'm happy for you and i hope your life continues going so well.

Finally theres the one person that is unexplainable to most. He's not ur average person. He's different and yet thats what makes him such a great person and friend. I'm talking about Ramses. He's probably one of the sweetest persons i've ever met. We've always been close. I remember the first time...well technically it was the second time we met, but first time talking and we talked for about 2-3 hours. We just started talking and somehow we just clicked. There's things he's done for me that he doesn't even realize how important and special it was for me. He's gone far and beyond the duty of a friend. In the past 2 years we've gotten even closer. He's my movie partner lol (we probably saw ALL the movies this summer). He's just an amazing person and especially friend. He truly adds so much to my life.

Thank you Ramses for being the wonderful person that you are. My life is *speechless*. There are no words to describe the difference you make in my life. I love you so much and well this blondie here misses u a lot too. =)

P.S. btw, i don't have any pics with Ramses because he hates them. u have to catch him off guard like up here lol =)

There you have angels on earth. See a relationship between family members is priceless and not something that can be labeled. But when you have such wonderful relationships with people that have basically become your family, you can call yourself blessed.

Each one of these people has contributed so much to who i am today. They are all so valuable to me and without them i wouldn't be able to survive. I'm having a hard time doing so temporarily, so i can only imagine permanantly. Thank you God for giving me these friends. I am truly blessed to have them in my life.

I miss each and everyone of you sooo much. I can't wait to see you all again. But keep your heads high. I'm still here for you if you ever need. You all make my life complete!


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Arlenys said...

OMG! That was so sweet! I love you too! And I miss you too!