Sunday, August 12, 2007

Here's to our wonderful sponsors

So Southern has been a wonderful part of my life and i'm so glad i went there. I cannot even begin to imagine my life anywhere else. However, during my time at Southern, i realized that what made it so special was the faculty, staff, and students. While in Hawaii, i basically met and got to know our chaplain and new SM coordinator. They were the greatest and this is just my way of saying thank you to them. See when we arrived in Hawaii, we were basically all walking around practically lost. Actually we were all just trying to keep up with Nicole who must've felt like she was in a marathon lol (love ya nicole). Well it got worse when we arrived at the baggage many people and we still felt lost. But it felt sooo great to see a face that i knew...sure enough it was Pr. Brennon and Gayle...with LEI'S. From then on, i didn't feel alone, i had someone there who was watching out for me. Like when some of us were worried about having to buy extra stuff, they were at our rescue and took us to the ginormous walmart. Then they spoiled us and took us to the beach, and to eat some yummy food (as i mentioned before). On top of all that wondeful stuff, they also gave us some goody bags. But probably the best thing they gave us that weekend, was their friendship, trust and prayerful watch. Thank you Pr. Brennon and Gayle. You both were amazing. I know my experience wouldn't have been as great as it was, if you weren't both there. You truly both made it the best ever. I'm sure i speak for everyone when i say THANK YOU!!! btw, i'm sorry about the pics...they were the only ones i could get. =)

Pr. Brennon

Gayle Moore

LOVE U BOTH!!! May G-d continue blessing you both in your ministry...and may that ministry continue to be at Southern!!! lol =)