Sunday, August 26, 2007

Long awaited pics from Saipan

I've been in Saipan for about 3 weeks now, and i know i haven't been able to put up some new pics of us here. But i finally was able to upload some. They are very self explanatory, but i will include some captions. Hope you enjoy!

This is part of my Saipan family. There are some missing but these were the ones that greeted us at the airport. I have grown to love them and they each have a VERY special place in my heart. Isn't the sign beautiful? it was made by some of the students.

This is Bonzaii Cliff. It is ABSOLUTELY BREATHTAKING as you can see. We went there on our first sabbath on island, to see the sunrise. It showed us again just how creative our G-d truly is.

Here i am with Bonzaii Behind me. It's a bit blurry/dark because it was dawn and the light isn't the best.... but its still beautiful!!!

Later on in the day we were treated to a very yummy potluck. As you can see in our eyes, we are quite excited about the yummy food! Thank you church family! You are in my hearts already!
Finally, after all the errands on Friday and all the excitement of Sabbath, theres nothing better than to just lay down and relax on one of our BEAUTIFUL beaches! This is Micro beach and it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I love it there and its just relaxing to lay out after some time in the water. The island in the background is basically is like a "deserted" island. No one lives there, but locals and especially tourist visit often. The boat ride over is free for locals, so its a cheap and awesome way to spend your weekends. Plus you can even go over and camp there. The SDA school does this every year and from what i hear, its very much looked forward to by all the students!

Well i part you now with these pictures. I should be posting again...maybe when i get home because i've had sooo many thoughts running through my head that i've been wanting to post, but i got some pressure from someone *cough*my mom*cough* saying that i needed more here ya go mom! LOVE U!!!

Thank you to all who take time out to read and follow up on me. Thank you for doing that and especially for all your prayers and e-mails. Believe it or not, the prayers are definately felt. I didn't know that actually happened, until i started feeling it. And your e-mails, they truly make the difference. I love you all and KP4M(keep praying for me)....G-d's island girl!


Anonymous said...

Looks like paradise to me, enjoy and G-d bless, thanks for the pics, MOM

Brit's Blog said...

Looks great! I'm praying for you girl- I know you're having a blast out there. Where's your class? (post pics of them) how many students do you have?

Have fun, keep looking up!