Monday, October 1, 2007

My Class

I have officially been here on island for 2 months now and well i've been busy with some cute little munchkins that i haven't been able to post some pictures of them, but here they are! I started out with 4 during my first week, got another one the 2nd week and just last week, we had a new student join.

From L - R: Miss Veronyka, John Christopher, Irene, Kyle, Alannah, Christian, and Rita

Here we are doing our "Cheerleader" picture.

Although they are all part of my kinder class, there is something unique about each one. They make up the great class that I have. So i'm going to tell you a little bit about each one.

MY GIRLS Alannah (left): She reminds me a lot of myself. I'm not a morning person, but as an adult you tend to have to just play it off, but she doesn't. When she first gets to school, don't talk to her. Well you can talk to her, but she may not respond. She is very independent and has a mind of her own. My favorite thing about her: She always starts her sentences with "Teacher, you know...."

Rita (right): Rita is a sweet little girl who has blossomed so much since she's been in my class. At first she was quite timid and shy, but i've seen her confidence build quite alot. Although she may be quiet at times, she takes in every bit of detail. She has a warm smile that can brighten any room. My favorite thing about her: How excited she gets about everything and the excitement that is portrayed in her face.


Christian (Left): Don't let that innocent smile fool you, this little boy is a handful. However, he is so passionate about everything he does. His facial expressions are endless and he gives some amazing hugs that only a child can give. Whenever you are having a bad day, Christian is always there to brighten it. My Favorite thing about him: He's genuine and truly cares for others.

John Christopher (Center): This little boy is still very much a little boy. He's always playing and trying new things. He tends to worry about everybody and definately speaks his mind. He has an amazing smile (when he shows teeth) that is so pure and innocent. My Favorite thing about him: His "uhoh i'm in trouble now" look.

Kyle (Right): Kyle is a little smarty pants. This little boy came into my class already reading and has since then moved onto a 1st grade reading level. He's great at math and is always the first to finish EVERY assignment. I've noticed that besides the fact that he's advanced, he truly is still a little boy at heart. My Favortie thing about him: Just how much of a little boy he truly is, oh and his smile =)


Finally, we have Irene. I leave her for last because although ALL my kids are special to me, she has this "specialness" about her, she's my first ESL student. I loved hearing my kids call me teacher for the first time, but there was something about that first time that she called me teacher. I'm not sure if it was the timidness (which doesn't exist anymore) or her struggling accent, that just seemed to say "help" at the same time, but just something about it, just warmed my heart. She LOVES to play around, and although we had a tough start, she truly has a beautiful spirit and is always smiling. My Favorite thing about her: She loves to sneak up behind me and just give me a hug.

My kids in general are all amazing. I could not pick a favorite because they all complete my heart and my purpose for being here. Its just amazing how much you can grow to love someone in such a short time, but honestly, I have! I love to just look at their pictures when i'm at home. I miss them during the weekends and the only reason I look forward to Mondays is because I know I will see them again. They are very opinionated, and have some amazing comments and questions. They brighten my day and warm my heart with just their smile or group hugs. They all have wonderful hearts, and although they are a handful, they truly are good kids. But they are just! We laugh together, cry together, and boy do we have some silly times as well!

Eating Ice-Cakies after Community Service Day

I continue to pray that the Lord will keep using me here with them because I want them to know just what a wonderful G-d we truly have. All in all, I LOVE my kids. They are amazing little people. They are the reason I stay up late, and wake up early. They are the reason my room is never SQUEEKY CLEAN. They are the reason for most of my headaches as well. They are the reason for most of my smiles throughout the day. They are my passion and the reason I want to be a better teacher. They are my reason for being in Saipan. They are my mission. THEY ARE MY KIDS!!!

Teacher Dogpile!

Teacher Dogpile!


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Tahimi said...

vero ur kids r so darn cute! tell them hi for me and say that they r soooooo cute!!!♥ i hope u r having fun with what u r ding because it is a good thing!!!♥
we miss u hear and we hope u come to viset soon!!!♥

love:Tahimi & family!!!♥

Bev said...

you're doing such a great job vero! keep it up!

Arlenys said...

all i can say is,"you look happy!" you really do look happy. ♥