Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ode to October

If you've been checking my blog, (and i hope u have, and I'm also sorry too) you've noticed that October started out GREAT with a pretty good blog on my part (or so i like to think so lol). From the moment school started i heard many comments about how HORRIBLE October was going to be. "If I can only survive October, I know I'll do just fine the rest of the year." or "I don't want October to come." Phrases like that were quite commonly heard around the school. Me, the person who doesn't like to "pre-destine" things, thought people were just over-reacting. Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, I've got an announcement to make....I WAS WRONG! October was indeed a CR@ZY month! I would like to refer to it as my ROLLER COASTER month. I had my highs, i had my lows, and then i had my upside down moments that also sometimes feel kinda great during and afterwards (sorry to you who get sick on roller coasters, i LOVE em). Here are some of the highlights of the month:


October 6: Baptisms This day, Nate and Tali made a public decision to follow Jesus. I was so proud of them. Nate, I've just recently gotten to know better, but Tali I've gotten to know quite well since I've been here. It was great to see them make this incredible decision.

Tali and I

Nate and I

October 6-7: Managaha Weekend We went camping to this island just next to Saipan. Its a "deserted" island but is very touristy. However, that night we had the island ALL to ourselves. It was SOOO MUCH FUN! It truly was absolutely beautiful! We even saw some shark....very cute....from a distance lol

The Over-Nighters!

Eva and Me

October 14: Scuba Lessons Begin We finally begin our actual scuba lessons after much study and prep. It feels so cool to breath underwater. I'm having a BLAST with it.

My Roomies and me

October 15 - 19: Spirit Week Spirit Week was a lot of fun. This was the schedule:

Monday: Pajama/Bad Hair Day

Tuesday: Cartoon/Super Hero Day

The Lovely Ladies of Saipan SDA School!

Wednesday: Decades Day

Dongham and me on Decades Day!

Thursday: Dress Up Day

Me and my kiddos on Dress up Day!

Friday: Olympic Game Day

October 20: Kagman Evangelistic Series Begins since last year, our pastor, Pr. Eliki has been working out a vision that he sees with one of the villages on island, Kagman. He's been working REALLY hard, and finally the day arrived. It has so far been a great turnout and true blessing. I will write more on it at the culmination this Sunday. I've been helping out with the children's program and it truly has been a major BLESSING! PTL!!!

Me and Jack Jack

October 23-24: Parent Teacher Conferences These are probably THE most dreaded day in a teacher's life. I was quite nervous and scared, but at the end of each of them, i was REALLY happy, because i was reminded once again of the GREAT parents that my students have and just how much they want their child to succeed. A little 411 on my parents: All my students have at least 1 parent that is a teacher.

October 25: Happy Birthday Abuela I love this lady sooo much. She means the world to me!

October 30: Shrew Enters Classroom Today started out great with Picture day. Anyone who knows me, knows that i LOVE pictures, both taking them and being in them. But unfortunately, the day did not end so great. I have a little shrew that LOVES my classroom, but we've never come in contact. Well, today, was the day. Coming back from teaching my other students, Alannah and Rita look at me and tell me "Teacher, there is a rat in the classroom" I laugh, look at the teacher in charge, and soon my face changes when she nods in agreement with the girls. From that moment on, there war fought in my room. My kids were sent out and in came our tough 8th grade boys. Through my screeching, they were somehow able to scare it away. We're not sure where it is, but we're coming for it later. And can you believe that it even had the audacity to walk on my foot before it exited the classroom. lol SHREWS!!! Its bad enough i live with one (lives in our ceiling, loves to play when we need to sleep lol) let alone have to share my classroom with one as well lol

All in all, as I bid Adieu to October, I cannot complain. Many emotions were experienced this month, but it truly was a good, blessed month. I can't wait for November though!


Anonymous said...

HAHAHa...The Shrew... is it still living in the ceiling at the house or has it moved to the school now?? Hope all is well!!

Mai said...

Great overview of October! Even though it was a pretty crazy month, a lot of great things happened! But, I'm glad November is here!

Brit's Blog said...

HAHA....you are too funny. I tried to warn you about Shrews ;)...I remember my crazy day with a shrew :) in my classroom. I'll never forget it.
Keep havin' fun and don't work to hard. The year flies by way to fast :) Keep us posted.
I love hearing about Saipan. Give Donghan another hug for me =) He's super cute!

Sean said...

Yay! We MADE it!