Wednesday, November 14, 2007

G-d's Plans for My Christmas

"While i'm in Saipan, i'm going to travel to as many places as I can. I love traveling and everything is just so close and cheap" I remember these words coming out of my mouth throughout the entire summer. These were MY plans for every break that I would have while here. Philippines...Thailand...Bali...Japan...Australia...New plans kept changing. Nothing seemed to be working out. When I would finally decide on one place and it seemed like it would work....WOOSH something would happen and those plans would get demolished. Time was running out, and I was getting frustrated. Then one night, while talking to my mom about my frustrations, she said "Just Pray"...I had done so, so many times, but I always prayed for the Lord to allow this trip to work out, or for that trip to work out, and so on. But that night, I prayed a very heartfelt prayer about something as simple as Christmas plans. I awoke the next day with the thought "It'll be okay if I stay here in Saipan" (I didn't want to because I knew I would miss my family too much over the holidays) I felt a peace in my heart, and the words just started rambling in my head. "If I stay here, I can show everyone how we celebrate it back home" Then that thought led to another... "What if I can give a Christmas to those children who wouldn't otherwise have one?" Immediately, I started planning it out in my head. The peace I felt for staying here is how I knew that it was an answer from G-d. So my Christmas Plans? To continue the work that I believe G-d is doing here (and hopefully through me). I will be collecting Toys, Clothes, and Cards for those kids here. I have some people from the States that will be sending some of these items. If you are one of those that is interested, please let me know. Starting December, my house will look like Santa's Workshop as I will be baking cookies, wrapping presents, and hopefully bringing some Christmas joy to some less fortunate children. Please continue praying for me and all mean...G-d's plans for me here on Saipan!

Till my next post,

G-d's Island Girl =)


Bev said...

thats awesome that your planning to bring some Christmas cheer to these kids in Saipan. You've got such a big heart =) Love ya girlie.

Brit's Blog said...

How beautiful!
Saipan is amazing place. I'm glad they have you there. Keep smiling! God is using you :)
If there's anything specific you need please e-mail or send a myspace and I'll get back to you.