Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I LOVE my job!

Not many people can say that they truly enjoy their job. Yes, like many people, I have my rough days. However, when my day is at its roughest, just the smile, hug, kiss, or look from one of my kids puts my life back on track. So here's a little something from my kiddos that might just touch your heart as much as its touched mine.

Well, on Monday morning, we're getting started with our morning activity, when one of the boys comes to my desk and asks me to sharpen his pencil. While doing so, Alannah (one of my little girls) comes up to me with her pencil. So I ask her "Let me guess, you need your pencil sharpened?" She looks at me and replies "No, I just need a kiss!" This just made my day. I thought it was WAY too cute!

There's this Korean boy that I tutor 4 times a week. He's 10 years old and basically here alone. Here's a background on most Korean students: They usually come here alone to learn english for a year. They stay at a dorm type house with a guardian. Most guardians run this EXACTLY like a business. So on top of being in a brand new country without knowing the language, they don't quite get the TLC that we all need from our parents and families. Well, back to the story. His name is Joon Seo and he's really compassionate. He's definately brought out some of my gray hair, but he's AMAZING! Well, today, he had a bad day at school. We're both hovering over the internet translator, trying to understand what the other is saying. After sort of talking about his day and why he was upset, we realize that my ride is here. So I get up, but notice him still frustrated. So I type in the translator "I care for you". He read it, and said a simple, but heartfelt, "Thank you". This opened up my floodgates! He drives me crazy, but I love that little boy and i'm just so thankful that the Lord finally allowed me to tell him that I do care.

Ok so, now for some cheering up: My mom has always had this special phrase with us where she'd say "Mommy loves you..." and we'd respond "No matter what". One day this year, I remembered the phrase while explaining to my kids that Jesus loves them in that same way and that I do too. So I changed around the phrase, and well here ya go!

I want to say thank you to all of you who pray for me and I ask you to pray for these kids as well. Pray that they may get to know Jesus, and that the Lord can use me to minister to them as well! Love you all!


Arlenys said...
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Arlenys said...

that's so adorable, i'm gonna use with my kids and record it for u!! and i feel the same way as u, i LOVE my job too!! i love my kids to death!

Sean said...

What a great story about Joon Seo!