Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Little hands in prayer

As a kindergarten teacher, I'm constantly watching little hands doing different things. Sometimes these little hands are holding crayons to create a beautiful masterpiece. Other times, especially if teacher is busy, they are doing some stuff that they probably shouldn't. At these times, i've seen these little hands be used as weapons, climbing instruments, and some are just hanging around inside their clothes (please don't ask me why lol). Today however, with just about 5 mins left of class, I saw a pair of these hands doing something really special. Sure some of the other little hands have done these before, but this time, these little hands did it without being asked to.

His english name is Daniel. He's been in my classroom for about almost 2 weeks. He's my newest addition to the clan. He's my first SDA kindergartener student. He's a little shy, and at the same time, quite demanding. I have a hard time communicating with him because of the language barrier, but he always finds a way of either drawing, or using motions. Well, today, it had been quite an emotional day. I'm still not fully recovered from my trip to Palau, 2 of my girls got in trouble yesterday (decided to give a new hair cut to one of the older girls) and well it felt like today one of the parents wasn't too happy about the punishment. Thankfully, the Lord guided us both and came to an agreeance. Then, our yearbook, which I thought was basically finished, hasn't been returned to us for editing, and there are other corrections that I need to make. Well, it was 5 mins and then my school day would be over. The kids were sitting in the circle finishing up their snacks, when I notice Daniel standing up. I look over to him and see him with his little hands held together, right in front of his face. I wonder if he's ok, but something tells me to just sit still and watch. So I do. I suddenly notice that he is ok, he's just praying. He finishes his prayer, and starts to look around. I call him over and he explains that he lost his sticker. I give him a sticker and he leaves, but doesn't look content with the outcome. Then all of a sudden, I see him get up and dart to his backpack. He opens it, looks at me and gives me an "I know where it is" look. He opens his pencil case, and gets out his sharpener. Apparently, he was looking for his sharpener and not his sticker (lost in translation lol).

This is my little Daniel!

I felt so touched by this experience. Watching this little boy, just turn his only worry over to G-d, made me wonder why I don't do it often enough. Today, the Lord spoke to me through someone else, twice. Thank you Lord for those two people and for always reminding me that you're right there!

So the next time you're around little hands, just stop and see what they do!

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