Monday, May 12, 2008

The Apple of my Eye!

Its all my fault really. I did it to her. I always tell her the same thing. If it weren't for me, she would be just Raquel, the lovable, G-d fearing, responsible, amazing, intelligent, unique, (list goes on) person that the Lord made her to be. But, because of me, she became all that, AND my mother! (lol)
Way back in the day! (notice the glasses lol)

She's the reason i'm alive, both physically and emotionally. She's the reason I'm a christian and the reason I've learned to depend on G-d. I've loved my mother my entire life and known just what an amazing woman and mother she is, but it wasn't until about 6 years ago that I realized that she wasn't just amazing, she was EXTRAORDINARY. Our family went through some upheaval 6 years back and it feels like we've never been the same again. In some ways, I'm quite thankful for it. See, I was able to find G-d in a closer sense. One of the reasons for that, was my mother.

My mother truly is my rock. She held on to G-d in those tough times, which allowed her to be strong enough for us (my brother and me) to hold on to. Even through our difficult times, she manages to allow others to hold onto her aswell. My mother didn't finish college when she was younger due to her families' insufficient funds, but about 20 years and 2 kids later, she went back to school and became a Medical Assistant, graduating with a 4.0 GPA! She also raised two amazing kids. Now, what I just said and what I'm about to say isn't as a reason to lift myself up, but more as a testament to her amazingness! My brother is graduating this year from high school which he did in 3 years and has managed to finish with a 3.9 GPA. He is a junior deacon at church and has preached twice for our church services. He has probably one of the most compassionate hearts I have ever known. He's a very quiet person when it comes to deep things, but when he talks, people listen. He likes to be the one to have people laughing, and is pretty darn good at it.

My brother Adrian and my mom at his 8th grade graduation.

Me, well, i'm currently a missionary, about to start my 3rd year of college, and there have been many amazing things that have happened in my life like preaching at the GC, and well many others, but I don't like talking about me...Point is, all these things, everything my brother and I am have happened because of my mother and her trust in the Lord.

My mommy and my about 2 years ago

Mami, I want to thank you for being an amazing mother. Funnily enough, I'm 9,000 miles away and still can't seem to do something without your approval. You've always trusted in me and my decisions and I thank you so much for letting me spread my wings and fly (even when it meant not seeing me for a year). Thank you for trusting in G-d and teaching me to do the same. You're my angel on earth and in my heart, I always carry you. If in the future, I become atleast half the mother and woman that you are, I will consider myself the most blessed person on the planet. I love you mami!

Happy Mother's Day and I will be in your arms soon!

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