Monday, April 21, 2008

Spring Break, and April Update!

Ok, so last you heard from me, I was in Japan on my way to the Philippines! Well, the Philippines was AMAZING! I have no words to describe how great of a trip I had. We shopped and had fun in Manilla for a couple of days. I met lots of people, and so many thought I was Filipina...which I LOVED!!! Then we spent some days with Joeie's family in Pampanga. They were so nice and very hospitable. We then took a trip with them to the 100 Islands in Pangasinan. WOW was that AMAZING! SOOO BEAUTIFUL! Then they decided to take me to Baquio City, which was just so nice. And we had FRESH STRAWBERRRIES!!! They were so yummy! It had been a while since I had some strawberries due to the fact that a small box of them here in Saipan are about $9.oo. Where as there, we got 1 KG for 75 pesos which is just a little less than $2. They were AMAZINGLY yummy! That day I got sick and had a really high fever for quite some time, but thankfully, I had 2 angels with me that spent the entire night watching over me and making sure I was doing good. There was just SOO much from the trip, that truthfully, I am really just briefly going over it because I'd probably end up writing a book if I wrote about it all! There was so much that I learned from this trip about the Filipino culture that has truly amazed me. I feel like i'm so much more connected to my church family back home, and that is exactly the reason why I really wanted to go to the Philippines! I'm so Thankful that the Lord allowed me to experience this! Here are just some pics from the trip, as I came back with about 700+ pics and cannot load them to my computer because its running out of space lol. Hope you enjoy!

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Beverly Mae said...

looks like you had a wonderful spring break in the PI! Glad you got to experience our culture! miss ya!